What is a ski racer ?

A skiracer a form of carriage with a steering device and brake, so that if it becomes too fast, you only have to step on the brake. Unlike the seat, which is continuous, the runners consist of several parts (at least one front steering part and one rear part). Steering slides are robust and stable.

The advantage of the ski racers particularly noticeable by children who are not yet able to steer so well with their legs. For them, a steering carriage is definitely easier to steer, because they only turn on the steering wheel, whereby the risk of injury is considerably reduced with comfortable and safe steering, whereas with a “normal” carriage you never really know whether you will get the curve. The excellent manoeuvrability is particularly noticeable when cornering. You get around the corners well and above all quickly. This makes the steering sled particularly suitable for small children. More and more parents are equipping their children with a steering sled to reduce the risk of injury and increase driving pleasure.

Steering carriages are available for one or two persons, whereby the sizes, designs, colours and equipment are variable and provide variety on the slopes. There are also two-seaters for adults and child together. Steering sledges promise experience and excitement. However, one should pay attention with the selection to high quality, which guarantees for stable security, so that the experience is not clouded. With a good steering sled, tobogganing fun and safety are guaranteed to a high degree, so that the children’s eyes will shine. That makes tobogganing much more fun.

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