How to maintain your sled

Sledging and tobogganing are among the most popular pastimes for many children, but also for many adults during the cold season. As soon as the first snow has fallen, you should start again with your beloved toboggan or sledge. But for many people this is an unpleasant surprise. Your winter sports equipment is not ready for use and may not be able to be put in order at all. For example, you may have to ski a whole Sunday with powder snow before you can get professional help or buy a new sled at the beginning of next week.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. With some preparation and planning you can get a sled fit for the next winter. However, this procedure resembles bodybuilding for the beach in summer. You don’t have to start early! Ideally, you start preparing for the next season when the last season has just come to an end. Instead of peppering the sled somewhere in a corner, one should think about its correct storage and care. First you have to remove salt residues from the sled, as these quickly attack and rust the sensitive runners made of relatively soft iron. Once you have taken this step, you can protect the runners from rust film by rubbing them with margarine or bacon.

In order to make toboggan, bob or sledge fit at the beginning of the new season, it is recommended to examine the winter sports equipment carefully a few weeks before the first snowfalls. May have loosened some screws last winter or during storage, often at high temperatures. With a standard screwdriver, which should be found in every household, these screws are quickly tightened. With wooden models, you should check now at the latest to see if cracks have not formed somewhere. If you run your hand over the wood, you can also feel where splinters stick out. These can be quickly removed with a little sand paper.

Then you should devote your attention to the runners. Because it depends on the condition of the runners how fast you can ride on the sled. Despite careful care at the end of the season, some rust film has probably formed again. This can usually be wiped off with a cloth. In harder cases, fine-grained sandpaper can be used for sanding. However, it should be noted that grinding should only be done in the direction of travel in order not to permanently reduce the speed of the sled. After carrying out these steps, the sled is ready for its first use in winter.

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