Dog Sledding Vaccation

Especially on holiday you want to experience something special. Especially during your winter holiday you can experience many a highlight. This includes, for example, a ride on a dog sled through a snowy landscape.

Most people only know dog sled rides from holidays in Austria, Switzerland, Canada etc.. Dog sled rides are also available in Germany. There are even courses offered, in which everyone can learn the correct handling of the sled dogs. They will also learn how to clamp the animals and how to prepare the sledges. After training with the lead dog, the participants can dive into the world of sledding and experience the fascinating feeling for themselves.

Of course you don’t have to take a course if you want to go dog sledding. There are numerous providers for dog sled rides who are happy about paying passengers, because the maintenance for the dogs is not cheap. The sleds are pulled by huskies, for whom it is a pleasure to be able to run long distances in the snow. Passengers can enjoy the landscape while driving and watch the huskies at work. During longer round trips tea breaks are taken, during which the dog sled driver may tell something about the dogs, the work with the dogs or the surroundings. In addition, it is sometimes possible to cuddle with the dogs during this time, which is a lot of fun, especially for children.

Those who spend their holidays in Canada in winter should not miss a sleddog ride. The untouched wilderness and the silence of nature is only interrupted by the panting of the dogs as they run through the endless expanses of the Canadian countryside. In Canada, holidaymakers can also take part in excursions lasting several days. Those who are sporty can combine dog sledding with cross-country skiing. We stay overnight in various accommodations, from tepees to rustic chalets.

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